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‘The Bachelor’ Season 27 Finale and After the Final Rose Date, Time, and How to Watch



ABC’s The Bachelor Season 27 finale and After the Final Rose ceremony are finally here. Zach Shallcross chooses between proposing to Gabi Elnicki and Kaity Biggar. And he converses with the two women after the finale ends. Here’s The Bachelor finale and After the Final Rose date and time, plus how to watch.

‘The Bachelor’ Season 27 finale features Zach Shallcross choosing between Kaity Biggar and Gabi Elnicki

ABC’s The Bachelor Season 27 finale and After the Final Rose ceremony will bring Zach Shallcross face to face with his final two women. Zach has to choose between Gabi Elnicki and Kaity Biggar.

During Fantasy Suites week, Zach had sex with Gabi, and he betrayed Gabi’s trust by telling the producers and Kaity what occurred. This left Zach in an uncertain place with both Gabi and Kaity. Now, he has to make a choice.

“Today is a massive day,” Zach tells the camera before proposing to either Gabi or Kaity. “It’s the biggest day of my life. My heart has been yanked in two directions.”

“Today, I am left heartbroken or going to be engaged to someone really amazing and special to me,” Gabi says as she puts on a yellow dress for her final meeting with Zach. “I think Zach and I could have a great life together.”

“If he got down on one knee and proposed to me, it would change my life forever,” Kaity says as she prepares. “But it’s very scary, the thought that he’s falling in love with Gabi, too.”


The finale date, time, and how to watch

The Bachelor Season 27 finale airs on Monday, March 27, 2023, at 8 p.m. ET. The finale airs live on ABC. Those without cable can stream the finale using services like Sling TV, Hulu+ With Live TV, YouTube TV, DirectTV Stream, and FuboTV. 

Sling TV has a three-day free trial, FuboTV has a seven-day free trial, YouTube TV has a 14-day free trial, DirecTV Stream offers a five-day free trial.

Fans who can wait to see The Bachelor finale can stream it the following day on Hulu. A typical Hulu streaming subscription gives viewers access to The Bachelor Season 27, though the service removes earlier episodes as the season progresses.

The After the Final Rose date, time, and how to watch

After The Bachelor Season 27 finale airs, fans can catch Zach Shallcross with his final two women during the After the Final Rose special. The After the Final Rose special airs at 10 p.m. ET directly after the finale. Fans can anticipate three hours of The Bachelor on March 27, 2023.

Host Jesse Palmer told E! News that Zach is “very, very happy” with how his season ends, which likely means he’s still engaged to the woman he gets down on one knee for. “I’ve been saying this is the most emotional season I’ve hosted and that’s what encapsulates it,” Jesse added. “There is drama, but it’s not created. It’s all the real feelings that transpire throughout this journey.” We look forward to seeing how it all ends.

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