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Union Berlin: President Dirk Zingler wants to decide for himself whether to go to the Olympic Stadium



rises the Champions League in Charlottenburg?

Before the start of training Union (July 3rd) decides where the Irons will play their three home games in the group stage of the Champions League, which was reached for the first time.

In addition to their own stadium An der Alten Försterei, where Union and most supporters would like to compete, the Olympic Stadium is also up for debate.

President Dirk Zingler (58) commented on the current status in the first part of an end-of-season interview produced by the club itself. Zingler: “We don’t know whether the standing room program will be continued. If so, then probably with folding seats. We cannot do that either. At the moment, the issues that we are not playing the Champions League in our stadium are intensifying.”

Not every Union member could see at least one Champions League game in the Alte Försterei

For the Europa League home games played in Köpenick last season, the club was able to guarantee every member a ticket for at least one home game in the group stage. That would no longer work.

Union President Dirk Zingler would like to decide on the move to the Olympic Stadium himself


Photo: Soeren Stache/dpa

Zingler: “Uefa’s conditions in the Champions League are such that we have to significantly reduce the card capacity that we can distribute ourselves. At the same time, the number of members has increased.”

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Union now has 56,000 registered fans. Zingler starts to flee to the front: “I don’t want to let Uefa make the decision because I don’t want to hide behind it. If we have all the information, I won’t wait for the Uefa result. Then we decide for ourselves.”

Union cannot speak out for the Alte Försterei without Uefa giving a thumbs-up. So it is very likely that it will go to the Olympic Stadium. There will then be room for over 74,000 people. Theoretically, every Union member would come in, for example against Manchester City, Real Madrid or Arsenal.


Source: Asia Times

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