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23 Best Self Tanners to Get a Healthy Glow 2022: Jergens, Isle of Paradise, St. Tropez, Supergoop, and More



Intentional tanning may give your skin that sought-after glow, but frequent tanning can also cause skin damage. The best self-tanner for you will not only reduce your risk of skin cancer and premature signs of aging from sun damage, but is also boosted with skin-loving ingredients for a healthy glow.

So if you still want to get that classic summer tan while avoiding the skin damage that comes with actual tanning, using a self-tanner is the way to go, especially in the much-needed winter months. But it takes a little courage, some practice, and the right self-tanning product to get the bronze glow that feels right on your skin.

How do you use a self-tanner?

If you’re a beginner, and you’re trying to master the perfect natural tan, definitely try something that will gradually build color. This way you can stop when you’re comfortable with your shade. Also, be sure to gently exfoliate your body the night before applying your tanner for the smoothest application process possible. And if you can, apply your product with an applicator mitt rather than your bare hands, which will give you a more even application and keep you from accidentally tanning the palms of your hands.

But if you’re a little more experienced with self-tanners, you may be ready for a product that provides instant color, a glow that develops within just a few hours, or a shade that will last for days or weeks without needing to be reapplied. Whatever you choose, know that a self-tanner mistake is relatively easy to undo: You can wait it out while the tan fades or help it along with a soak in a bath.

Ready to get golden? Check out the options below, all of which are some of the best self-tanners out there. All of them are top-rated according to customer reviews.

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