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Don’t Fret About Missing a Salon Visit: Conceal New Hair Growth With This Natural and Easy Cover Up Powder



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I don’t follow every trend, but when iconic, Brooklyn native Marisa Tomei speaks to Vogue about her beauty routine, I listen. Her easy, low-maintenance style resonates with me (water, chlorella, I got this!). Mesmerized by her effortless, natural beauty, I perked right up when she pulled out a pencil that magically covers gray hairs. I had just missed my regular salon visit—and was subsequently hiding from all stark overhead lighting, so when I saw this, I knew that I too, needed this root-erasing pencil in my life.

I chose the powder version of her recommended Style Edit Root Touch Up and it’s astonishingly effective at camouflaging grown-out roots for colored hair (just peek at photos in the reviews for evidence). It comes with an applicator sponge storage compartment at the bottom, and a disk of colored powder on top.

It looks like regular eyeshadow–but this innovative product is made to bind to hair while matching color flawlessly, delivering perfect coverage, and staying put for a really long time. Just dab it on with the applicator sponge and watch it meld perfectly with your natural hair. It gives that nice dry-shampoo texture and volume to roots, so hair doesn’t go flat when using it. I expected it might transfer to pillows, but it stays on my hair until washed, even overnight.

It comes in a spectrum of colors to camouflage roots from grown-out color, or even highlights. If you find manually applying tedious, or if you have a lot of gray, consider the acclaimed aerosol version for ease of application. Never again will I stress grown-out roots before an event–the Style Edit Root Touch Up is my new best friend! Unless Marisa Tomei is available.

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Source: The Daily Beast

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