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First lady Erdoğan stresses water conservation on World Water Loss Day



To mark the occasion of Dec. 4 World Water Loss Day, first lady Emine Erdoğan took to her social media platform to share a poignant message advocating for water conservation.

In her post, Erdoğan emphasized the significance of the Water Efficiency Mobilization, aimed at curbing water loss during the stages of drinking water supply and distribution. She highlighted the multifaceted measures adopted within this mobilization to combat both physical and administrative water losses, ultimately preventing unregulated water consumption.

Erdoğan’s message stressed the collective responsibility at both individual and governmental levels, urging for collaborative efforts to safeguard this vital resource. She underlined the pivotal role of local governments and the importance of citizens’ active participation in water conservation efforts.

The first lady’s message concluded with a resounding call to action, urging all to take necessary precautions to prevent water loss and safeguard our future from the peril of resource depletion. Her heartfelt plea resonated with the broader goal of ensuring responsible and sustainable water usage for the prosperity of generations to come.

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