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NYC Makes Weather History Again (and This Time We Actually Had to Do Something)



Now we’re on a roll.

New York City made weather history for the second time in 24 hours Tuesday, though unlike a day ago, the five boroughs actually had to do something for this one (as opposed to absolutely nothing).

January 2023 will go down as the first month NYC has seen above-average temperatures recorded every single day — the first-ever time the city has accomplished such a feat since record-keeping began in the 1860s. For those who don’t love math, that means 31 days in the same month with warmer-than-average temperatures and 0 cooler days. (Sorry February, April, June, September and November — you’ve got zero chance now unless something truly wild happens.)

Monday marked a do-nothing record, the first time Central Park has not seen measurable snow prior to Jan. 30 of a winter season. The previous latest-ever first measurable snowfall date in the iconic space was Jan. 29, which happened during the winter of 1972-73, according to National Weather Service records.

And there’s still a chance we set another one or two before this winter is out.


Longest snowless streak ever: As of Tuesday, we’re five days away from the No. 1 spot. If we make it to Sunday with no measurable NYC snow, that’s the longest streak ever — though it’s possible we tap out this Tuesday at Day 328.

Storm Team 4

Warmest January ever: As of Sunday, we’ve got the second-warmest January on record. We’re just three-tenths of a degree from tying it, so we’ll see what happens over the next few days.

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Storm Team 4

Source: NBC New York

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