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‘Shark Tank:’ Barbara Corcoran Reveals Her 2 Favorite Fellow Sharks



The sharks themselves are the face of Shark Tank, defining the show’s image. Part of the fun is watching them interact with one another on the show through funny exchanges, as well as dramatic arguments. Shark Tank‘s Barbara Corcoran revealed the two fellow sharks that are her personal favorites to interact with.

Who are the main sharks on ‘Shark Tank?’

The first season of Shark Tank started with only five sharks, including Corcoran, Kevin Harrington, Daymond John, Robert Herjavec, and Kevin O’Leary. However, one of them wasn’t very long for the show. Harrington left after only two seasons, which was when Mark Cuban promptly replaced him in season 3.

Shark Tank Season 4 was the first time the show brought Lori Greiner onto the panel as a permanent shark, creating a six-person tank that expanded the series in a big way. This also changed the relationship dynamic on the show, adding another chair in the tank to engage in negotiations and when the sharks turn on one another.

However, Herjavec and O’Leary are the only sharks to previously appear on the Canadian version of the show, which was called Dragons’ Den.

Barbara Corcoran said Daymond John and Mark Cuban are her favorite sharks

'Shark Tank' Barbara Corcoran with fellow sharks, dancing with Daymond John, while Mark Cuban sits in his seat.

Corcoran took to her Instagram Story to answer questions from Shark Tank fans on March 27. “Ask me anything!,” she wrote. One of the questions read, “Who is your favorite shark?,” but she had more than one answer. Corcoran publicly revealed her favorite sharks, which included Cuban and John for their fun personalities on the set.

“I love my fellow sharks, but my favorite sharks are Mark and Daymond,” Corcoran wrote. “They’re always having fun on set!” She included a shark emoji at the end.

To make the response even better, Corcoran added a video showcasing her dancing skills to The Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight” alongside John, who’s also singing the song. Meanwhile, Cuban is sitting in his seat, singing the lyrics the best he can.


‘Shark Tank’ brings on guest sharks

Corcoran has her favorite sharks that she regularly works with on Shark Tank, but the production regularly brings guest sharks into the tank. Cuban and Jeff Foxworthy were the first two to do so in season 2, but they were far from the last. Greiner also appeared as a guest in season 3 before appearing as a permanent fixture on the shark panel in season 4.

Some of the Shark Tank guest sharks appeared in more than a single season, including Alex Rodriguez (seasons 9, 10, and 12), Daniel Lubetzky (seasons 11-14), and Rohan Oza (seasons 9-11).

Corcoran has the opportunity to work with a variety of fresh faces, but she spends the most time with the main sharks on the show. It’s clear that they still have a good time when they aren’t serious about making deals that could change the lives of entrepreneurs that appear on the show for the chance to bring on one or more sharks into their business.

Source: Cheat Sheet


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