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Another teacher comes forward with allegations of racism at Origins High School in Brooklyn



NEW YORK — There is an update on a story CBS New York brought you on Sunday night about alleged antisemitism and a hostile environment at a Brooklyn high school.

On Monday, another teacher shared her story about alleged Islamophobia at the school and the principal responded to claims that she’s not doing enough, speaking exclusively with reporter Lisa Rozner.

One day after Origins High School history teacher Danielle Kaminsky shared that she been called a “dirty Jew,” swastikas have been drawn on her desk, and students have targeted her, another teacher spoke out about her experiences.

“I’m Muslim and by him I’ve been called many names,” gym teacher Kamilla Shulanova said. “Recently, he actually called me a terrorist.”

Like Kaminsky, Shulanova said she has been filing reports with the Interim Principal Dara Kammerman and the teachers union, but no action has been taken.

She said she has witnessed alleged antisemitism at the school as well, including a disciplinary meeting she helped translate between the principal and a student.


“I had one student draw a swastika on a notebook,” Shulanova said. “Like, okay, you do know this is not right? He’s like, ‘Yeah, I know.’ She’s like, ‘Okay, that’s it. I’m glad you realize that,’ but the next thing you know, he’s going to the classes, comes back the next day, nothing has been done.”

The United Federation of Teachers said it cannot comment on specific educator’s cases, but it is focused on maintaining the safety of students and staff in every school.

Principal Kammerman said she was never made aware of any discrimination against Shulanova, and she refuted allegations from Kaminsky — and the school’s campus safety manager — that a lack of disciplinary action has fostered an unsafe environment.

“There have been some extreme misrepresentations,” Kammerman said. “Every time there’s some kind of discriminatory language or hurtful action that happens to a student or a staff member, it is reported. It is investigated and appropriate consequences are given.”

When asked if she has suspended anyone over any of the allegations, Kammerman said, “I can tell you that there have been multiple suspensions.”

CBS New York also asked her about an alleged recent incident — a flier for a rally to “honor the martyrs of Palestine.”

“They claimed the flier was shared during a school assembly in front of you and you didn’t do anything about it.” Rozner said.


“I can assure you anything a student does that violates New York City code of conduct is reported and is investigated properly,” Kammerman said.

The principal said as a founding member of the school — there since 2013 — she has emphasized social and emotional support for students and staff.

She added Department of Education staff spent Monday reviewing her documentation and said they are confident she has handled things properly.

Source: CBS

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