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Women of villages mobilize to bake bread for quake victims in Türkiye



The 40 floor furnaces in Türkiye’s Van bake thousands of staple bread to be dispatched to the earthquake zone as relief for victims who were severerly affected by the great disaster. Citizens mobilized for the aid campaign initiated by Van’s Özalp District Governorate and municipality. The women kneaded the dough and burned the floor furnaces to bake bread with 650 kilograms of flour bought with money sent by a benefactor. A group of women already delivered 2,500 loaves of bread to the authorities.

A woman named Songül Durmaz stated that she has been baking bread for earthquake victims for two days and quoted, “May Allah help them. We are doing our best. Together with my mother and aunt, we baked nearly 2,500 loaves of bread.”


Mehmet Tak, who contributed to the process by buying 650 kilograms of flour with the money sent by a benefactor, said, “We distributed this flour to families in the Özalp district center and rural areas, and they fired up nearly 40 floor furnaces to prepare them.”

Not only Van but also women in Türkiye’s Muş bake bread for the earthquake victims.

The loaves of bread, that were put in cartons, were delivered to the authorities in the Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) Logistics Warehouse by the village head Hüseyin Sevinç.

The head of the Ziyaret village Hüseyin Sevinç carries baked bread, Muş, Türkiye, Feb. 9. 2023. (AA Photo)
The head of the Ziyaret village Hüseyin Sevinç carries baked bread, Muş, Türkiye, Feb. 9. 2023. (AA Photo)

Stating his deep sorrow, Sevinç said: “As villagers, we donated clothes and tried to provide food, but we heard from the news, there is an urgent need for bread. We baked village bread, which is relatively non-staling compared to other breads. The women of our village prepared over 2,000 loaves of bread, and we will deliver them to the earthquake-affected zone via AFAD officials.”

“I would like to thank our village’s prudent women. All of them undertook a different task, it has been a team effort and it will contiune until we heal our wounds there. These floor furnaces will never go out so that our brothers and sisters there do not go hungry under heavy snow and chilling cold. We will continue providing bread for them,” he added.


Şükran Özkılıç, one of the female bakers, said, “We lit this floor furnace for earthquake victims. We are baking hot bread. We will send the bread to the earthquake-affected zone.”

Another women, Hayriye Sevinç said, “We know that everyone is helping there, but we wanted to send village bread too. Let us also contribute. This bread lasts longer.”

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Source: Daily Sabah

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