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Cow That Ran Around Brooklyn After Escaping Slaughterhouse Gets Rescued By Sanctuary



After causing some bovine bedlam on Brooklyn streets, a cow that escaped a slaughterhouse will get to enjoy the green grasses of a New Jersey animal sanctuary.

New video from shows the calf, named Stewie, in his new home at the Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue in Wantage. The 4-month-old calf was chased through Canarsie on Tuesday after bolting from a nearby slaughterhouse.

The cow spent the middle of the day dodging cars and anyone who tried chasing it in a wild scene of udder chaos that unfolded near East 95th Street and Avenue L. The black calf continued its race for freedom, evading everyone who approached. After several minutes out on the loose, the cow ultimately was caught at Avenue M and East 95th Street.

Stewie was originally taken back to the slaughterhouse, but the animal sanctuary offered to take the cow in.

The animal sanctuary provides care and shelter to a number of cows, so Stewie will have a pleasant place to live out the rest of his life.


Source: NBC New York

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