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Hailey Bieber Subtly Supports Selena Gomez After Squashing Feud Rumors



Watch: Hailey Bieber Thanks Selena Gomez For Defending Her

You’ll love this social media move like a love song, baby.

After Selena Gomez posted a throwback photo of herself rocking blonde hair and a bikini, she drew praise from her 405 million followers—including Hailey Bieber, who showed her subtle support with a like.

“TBT to blondie sel,” Selena captioned the picture. “Summers coming! So many exciting new things coming.”

Hailey’s double tap on the post comes after fans speculated that Hailey, who is married to Selena’s ex Justin Bieber, and Kylie Jenner threw shade at Selena. And though Selena said the rumors were “unnecessary” in a Feb. 22 TikTok, Hailey received hate online over the matter.

So, Selena once again took matters into her own hands.

“Hailey Bieber reached out to me and let me know that she has been receiving death threats and such hateful negativity,” Selena wrote on her March 24 Instagram Story. “This isn’t what I stand for. No one should have to experience hate or bullying.” 

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Hailey then took to her own Instagram Story with a note of gratitude.

“I want to thank Selena for speaking out, as her and I have been discussing the last few weeks about how to move past this ongoing narrative between her and I,” the 26-year-old wrote later that same day. “The last few weeks have been very hard for everyone involved and millions of people are seeing so much hate around this, which is extremely harmful.”

Hailey added, “Things can always be taken out of context or constructed differently from what they were intended. We all need to be more thoughtful about what we post and what we say including myself.”

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Need further proof there’s not rift between them? Let’s not forget when they posed for a photo together at the 2022 Academy Museum Gala.

“They wanted to show that there’s really no hate between them and that they are both in a good place,” a source close to Selena told E! News in October. “It was a moment and an opportunity to put all of the noise behind them and they took it.”

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