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‘Alone’ Season 10 Premiere Spoilers: A Huge Mistake Could Cost One Survivalist the Competition



A fresh group of survivalists will test their skills in the latest season of Alone. Season 10 of the History Channel reality series premiered June 8. The first episode introduced five of the 10 cast members who will be fighting to see who can last the longest in the remote, rugged conditions of northern Saskatchewan. Already, one contestant is at a disadvantage following a serious mistake that will make it harder for him to survive in the wilderness. 

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Alone Season 10 premiere, “Game On.”]

Meet the ‘Alone’ Season 10 cast

The Alone Season 10 premiere, “Game On,” introduces five of the 10 survivalists fighting for a chance at a $500,000 prize.

  • Alan Tenta is a high school teacher from British Columbia who’s had a passion for hunting, fishing, and archery since he was a child. 
  • Cade Cole is a cowboy from Wyoming who is an expert hunter and tracker. 
  • Jodi Rose is a self-reliant cattle rancher from Wyoming who comes to Alone following a serious injury that left her bedridden for months. 
  • Lee DeWilde grew up with his Caucasian father and Native mother in a remote part of Alaska and now runs an aircraft charter business. 
  • Luke Olsen comes from a family of survivalists (his father, Larry Olsen, is a “legend” who wrote a popular book on outdoor survival). He now works as a surf instructor and glass artist in Hawaii. 

The survivalists set up camp on Reindeer Lake 

In the Alone Season 10 premiere, the survivalists are dropped on different islands around Saskatchewan’s Reindeer Lake.  

Luke is thrilled when he spots signs of bears and moose near his camp. As he explores his surroundings, he gets an early win when he shoots a grouse with his bow and arrow. He then beheads the bird with his bare hands. Luke isn’t going to apologize for being a bit brutal. His plan is to take full advantage of the natural abundance of his island, such as wild blueberries and big game, to win the competition. But when a bear wanders across his path, he’s frustrated when he misses the shot. 

Alan – who gained 40 pounds prior to starting the challenge – starts out by fishing. He wants to procure as much food as possible to keep his energy up. He pulls in a large fish on his handline, which he thanks before clubbing it to death. Then, he makes a dinner of the fish’s roe, even though he’s not a big fan of the taste. 

Unlike Alan and Luke, Jodi is focused on shelter. Her long-term plan is to build a cabin to protect her from the elements once the weather turns bone-chillingly cold. “I know I will thrive out here if I’m comfortable,” she says. But is she making an error by building her cabin first? She’s burning 700 calories an hour hauling logs and chopping wood and hasn’t done any hunting or fishing yet. Instead, she’s foraging for berries and other plants for food. 


Lee’s resourcefulness pays off, but Cade makes a serious mistake 

'Alone' Season 10 cast member Cade Cole with his arms crossed and wearing a cowboy hat

Like Jodi, Lee focuses on shelter first. Then, he fashions a fishing rod out of a tree branch and builds a raft. He expects the lake to be a major food source, and both will make it easier to fish. On Day 5, his hard work pays off. He lands a lake trout with his handmade fishing rod and catches another fish in his net.

“I feel normal now,” Lee says after he’s eaten. “Now that I have food, I can work hard.” 

Meanwhile, Cade constructs a lean-to out of his tarp, then goes hunting. His moose call attracts a caribou. Unfortunately, he’s not allowed to shoot the animal due to hunting regulations. Instead, he gathers some blueberries and later kills a grouse. But a grouse only goes so far, and the need for food is constant. On Day 6, he goes hunting again, but as he tramps through the woods, he makes a devastating discovery. He’s lost his quiver of arrows. 

“No, no, no, no, no … Oh my God,” he says. “My quiver came off my bow. That’s all my arrows.” With no arrows, he can’t kill birds or any big game he might find. His chances of lasting in the competition are seriously diminished. 

“This is the biggest mistake of my life, hands down,” he says. He appears to consider tapping out. “I don’t know what I’m gonna do,” he says. But despite the setback, Cade’s not ready to give up. He’s going to “dig deep” and try to move forward. 

Will Cade be able to recover from his mishap with the arrows? And how will the other five Alone cast members fare in their journey? Find out when new episodes of Alone Season 10 air Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on History Channel. 

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