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Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny faces 30 years in a prison camp



865 days of horror prison – and no end in sight!

Even before the start of a new trial against Alexei Navalny (46), Russia dismissed a complaint from the already imprisoned Kremlin critic.

A court in Moscow has now rejected a complaint by Navalny. The opposition member had only asked for more time to view the very extensive indictment. The process is scheduled to begin next Tuesday (June 6). Navalny is accused of “extremism”, for which the Putin opponent faces 30 years in prison in the worst case.

The 46-year-old, who is internationally considered a political prisoner, is currently sentenced to nine years in prison. He has already served more than two. Significantly, according to his spokeswoman Kira Jarmysch, the new show trial will not be held in a court, but directly in the penal camp about 260 kilometers north-east of Moscow.

All in all, the aligned Russian judiciary formulated seven counts of charges against Alexei Navalny, including founding and financing an extremist organization and downplaying Nazism. The Kremlin critic rejects the allegations.

Navalny just days after his incarceration in 2021. The Kremlin critic has now been in prison for nearly 900 days


Photo: Uncredited/dpa

Two years ago, the Moscow court had already declared the anti-corruption fund (FBK) founded by Navalny to be extremist. The truth behind the process: The FBK had published a series of materials on corruption in Russia’s power apparatus, including warmonger Vladimir Putin (70).

Navalny, who is considered Putin’s best-known opponent, was poisoned with the nerve agent Novichok during a trip to Siberia in the summer of 2020. The opposition activist accuses the Russian domestic secret service FSB of being behind the poisoning.

Most recently, Alexej Navalny’s team repeatedly drew attention to the inhumane conditions under which the politician has to suffer in horror prison. For example, he has been put in an isolation cell measuring two by three meters almost continuously for months. International human rights activists speak of torture.

During his imprisonment, Navalny lost several kilograms, and most recently Russia even banned the regime opponent from sunlight.

Source: Asia Times


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