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Dream Team’s October monthly competition gets underway soon – PS5 up for grabs!



DREAM TEAM’S October monthly competition gets underway this coming weekend and we can confirm the prize is once again a brand new PlayStation 5!

The gaffer who racks up the most points between October 7th and November 4th will take home the in-demand games console worth £449 RRP.

September’s monthly competition concludes this Game Week and Man City fan Chris Mason is the current frontrunner having amassed 295 points in the relevant period but it’s tight at the top and with a full allocation of European fixtures still to fulfil, dozens of managers are in contention to claim the top prize.

Remember, you can check the monthly leaderboard anytime HERE.

If your XI is struggling in the classic Season game, fear not, a fruitful few weeks could land you a PS5 as only points gained during the given period are taken into account for our monthly competitions.


With that in mind, you could tailor your team specifically to October’s fixtures once transfers are refreshed, ignoring long-term viability, with a view to scooping the monthly prize.

Alternatively, you can create a new team and fill it full of players with favourable fixtures for the month in question – each Dream Team gaffer is allowed a maximum of ten teams per season.

And of course, if your happy with your progress in the classic Season game and believe your best XI is also likely to rack up plentiful points in the coming weeks then you don’t need to alter your strategy at all.

You can even get involved if you didn’t sign-up for Dream Team at the start of the season.

Simply create an XI ahead of this weekend’s fixtures and if your team achieves the most points between October 7th and November 4th then the PS5 will be yours.

August's winner David Bradbury with his prize and grandsons

West Brom supporter David Bradbury won August’s monthly competition and was ‘over the moon’ when his victory was confirmed.

“My grandsons will be even more pleased when I pass the PS5 onto them!” he told us. “The final game between Leicester and Man United seemed to go on forever.


“I always try to pick players that do not get rotated and manage to stay injury free. I have been doing Dream Team since it started and this shows that perseverance pays off in the end.

“I am very grateful for your generosity. I will be trying my hardest to stay in contention for the rest of the season.”

October is a particularly busy month for teams with European commitments so gaffers hoping to replicate David’s success would do well to consider packing their XI full of players with the most fixtures to fulfil – more fixtures means more point-scoring opportunities.

Please be aware that the monthly competition will run in accordance with the Game Weeks.

See the above schedule for the relevant scoring periods from our terms and conditions.

Source: The Sun


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