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Türkiye eliminated PKK’s planner of 2007 attack



Türkiye’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT) “neutralized” Aslan Çele, code-named “Müzdelif Taşkın,” in Qamishli in northern Syria, a so-called senior member of the PKK terrorist group in Syria and the planner of the Dağlıca attack in 2007.

“Neutralized” is a term used by Turkish authorities to describe terrorists captured dead or alive.

Taşkın was a notorious figure within the PKK, operating as an “officer for public order” in Syria, where the PKK/YPG controls some northern areas. He played a pivotal role in orchestrating the heinous Dağlıca attack that claimed the lives of 12 Turkish soldiers and left 16 others injured in 2007 in the eponymous village in Hakkâri Province, southeastern Türkiye.

The operation was the culmination of years of intelligence gathering and surveillance efforts by MIT agents, who had been closely monitoring Taşkın’s activities. The mission was set into motion after it was confirmed that the terrorist had crossed into Syria from Iraq.

Having joined the ranks of the PKK’s rural cadres back in 1988, Taşkın had long been on MIT’s radar due to his extensive involvement in the terrorist organization’s activities. His elimination marks a significant victory in Türkiye’s ongoing efforts to combat terrorism.

Taşkın, with another terrorist code-named “Aslan Samura,” who also operated in various regions of Iraq and Türkiye on behalf of the terrorist group, has also been on the radar of security forces. Samura was initially tasked by the PKK in 2010, leading to his role as one of the key figures in charge of terrorists in Iraq. His terrorist activities in the Zap area earned him recognition from the PKK leadership, resulting in his “promotion” within the terrorist group. During his tenure in Iraq, Samura played a crucial role in providing military and ideological training to newly recruited PKK cadres.


An undated photo of the eliminated terrorist Müzdelif Taşkın taken inside a cave in an undisclosed location. (AA Photo)

Taşkın had relocated to Syria prior to Türkiye’s Peace Spring Operation, where he continued to carry out critical activities on behalf of the PKK/YPG. Intelligence reports indicate that Taşkın had been involved in numerous actions and personally participated in these operations during his nearly 35-year association with the PKK.

The neutralization of the terrorist Taşkın, a prominent figure within the PKK’s ranks, is expected to have a significant impact on the terrorist group’s morale and motivation among its base. Security forces remain vigilant in their ongoing efforts to dismantle the terrorist network and ensure the safety and security of the region.

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Source: Daily Sabah

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