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Woman — and 2 Men — Found Stuck in Gaping Hole on Long Island Front Lawn



A roughly 70-year-old woman and two men around age 60 somehow got stuck in a gaping hole in a Long Island front yard Thursday, authorities say.

Suffolk County cops say they initially responded to a home in Huntington Station just after 6 a.m. for a report of a woman stuck in a hole in the ground. When they arrived, they found her — and two men — in the hole.

The hole was about six feet deep and six feet wide — and smack in the front yard of the single-family home, which according to Redfin, sits on a 6,970 square foot lot on West 10th Street.

Police didn’t say what the trio told them about how they ended up in the hole — or when. A bystander (one mercifully outside the whole) helped an officer reach in and pull one of the three to safety, while a second officer when to get a ladder from a neighbor. The two people left stranded used that to climb out.

The woman and one of the men were taken to a hospital for evaluation, police said. The other rman wasn’t hurt.

Police say the Town of Huntington Building Inspector was called to evaluate the property and determine what caused the hole. It wasn’t clear if authorities believed it may have been weather-related. Heavy rains moved across parts of Long Island Thursday afternoon and into part of the latter evening hours. The investigation is ongoing.


Source: NBC New York

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